We put our reputation in your hands every time we send a client to you for help after a claim. Thank you for coming through the way we expected when we entered into the preferred relationship with TechAssist. This is what it's all about.
Vice President, Claims RBC Insurance

I just wanted to pass on a message that hopefully will be seen by your superiors, that I am extremely impressed by the treatment and service I received from TechAssist.

Naturally I had never been the victim of a break in before, and it didn't help that some of the stuff stolen was expensive stuff, but after taking the information from me as to what had been taken, Tony Porco (from Royal Bank Insurance) was on the phone with you and told me that I was in good hands, as you guys are quite good at what you do.

I had nothing but negative information on the treatment of victims of robberies from my friends and family by insurance companies, so I wasn't looking forward to anything very pleasant, but a couple days later we spoke on the phone and you had all but a few Sony items that were backordered.

You yourself and the gentleman that came to my house to deliver everything the next week were very professional and helpful when I had questions and any concerns I had were discussed immediately.

What impressed me the most was how you gave me the item numbers so I could look them up myself on the net, to make sure everything met my satisfaction.

In closing, I was very very pleased with the service I received from TechAssist electronics, and have nothing but positive feedback for everyone involved.

Robb Price

Just sending a quick note to say thanks for all your hard work in obtaining the proper equipment I requested.

I appreciate you returning my phone calls in a short period of time and assisting me is obtaining the proper equipment and software requested.

You have definitely represented your company in a professional and courteous manner.

Thank You again for your patience and hard work.

Christiane Tetreault

I would just like to say that during a recent insurance claim with RBC Insurance I had the pleasure in dealing with All Brand Electronics. At first a little reluctant to be dealing over the phone with something of this value and importance, he made me feel quite comfortable. When I wasn't sure of the product and needed information he walked me through a website and helped me decide the right product for me. He then was nice enough to call when the product was being shipped. I received it the very next day. If the process wasn't pleasant enough he then proceeded to call to make sure I had received the product and was happy with it. I would just like to say what a great job and what a pleasure doing business with your company.

Melanie Harding

In the most humble of ways, I wish to say Thank You to everyone for working "your magic" on my equipment these last few weeks.

When the pipes burst last month, I saw over a decade of work evaporate before my eyes. The trauma of the water damage was so overwhelming that I didn't know how or where to begin to make sense of what was happening. At first, I thought that nature would take its course, everything would dry and I would be back to work in a few days. Unfortunately it was not to be.

From the first moment we spoke, you made it quite clear that electronics and water do not mix. Even more unnerving was the potential danger of "moisture damage". This was one reality check I did not have time or energy to deal with. Fortunately, when Sam and Abi came over, they were so calm and reassuring that I regained hope in the potential for some kind of recovery. They managed to gracefully dismantle my media walls in such a way that I knew I was dealing with professionals. Although Sam noted that I may have set a record for the amount of electronics they had to gather, its not going to land me a trophy for all the time and money I spent shopping for and buying each of those pieces.

When some of the equipment started to return this week, I was absolutely in awe at how new everything looked. Without question, the quality and depth of detail to the work your crew did speaks volumes about your company's commitment to service. I have no doubt about your continued growth and success as you adapt to the ever-evolving complexity of new technologies before us.

My family and I wish you and yours the very best of luck in all your endeavors. May all your dreams come true.

Gaspare Grillo