It has been a real pleasure corresponding with you and TechAssist in regards to my contents that required servicing and/or repairing for any damage that may have been caused to my electronic/mechanical components from my home fire claim.

I have found that TechAssist was professional, prompt and courteous when responding to my requests. I would rate my experience with TechAssist a full 10/10 being overall completely satisfied from the moment of initial contact, to the delivery of my contents, up-to yesterdays follow-up call.

I would kindly ask that you provide a follow-up visit (Upon my request, once my home has been completely repaired), so that I could ask that all the electronic components that were delivered to be set-up and that they are correctly calibrated to the rooms in which they are situated.

I sincerely appreciate all your assistance and service you have provided and would highly recommend your services to my friends and family and colleagues.
Sam Gravina

Wanted to take a moment to express to you my appreciation for the service you and your company have provided for us in the wake of our home "mishap".

Your initial response to me was prompt, polite and friendly. I sensed in you a genuine desire to assist and serve in any way possible.

You graciously answered my questions and accommodated my schedule and circumstances.

The quality of the work done on my computer was excellent. The packaging and the pick-up and delivery service gave me confidence that my equipment was being handled in a safe and well protected manner. The turn-around time was excellent. When I indicated that I needed my computer back ASAP, because my sermon for the weekend was on it, you responded in a sensitive and caring manner. You got it back to me promptly, which I deeply appreciated.

I have found you pleasant and accommodating to work with, [TechAssist Service Department]. It has been a delight to do business with you and I will confidently recommend your services to friends and associates.
Victor W. Stonehouse, Pastor Trull's Road Free Methodist Church

A lot of time and effort has gone into identifying and selecting vendors that we want to "partner" with. Our assurance to our customers is that we recommend only those vendors that can provide superior customer service and quality repairs. My thanks for the effort and attention you gave to our customer.
Claims Manager EIG

We put our reputation in your hands every time we send a client to you for help after a claim. Thank you for coming through the way we expected when we entered into the preferred relationship with TechAssist. This is what it's all about.

Vice President, Claims Kingsway Insurance

Thanks to you and your team for providing exceptional service. You are an important piece of our claims experience and appreciate the commitment you have shown to RBC over the years.

Vice President, Home and Auto Claims RBC Insurance

it is the most impressive operation I have seen in a long time
Vice President - Claims Allstate Insurance

I want to take this opportunity to recognize your staff your hard work, dedication and professionalism in assisting me with my claim. The claim was handled seamlessly and according to the time line that you gave me.

You assured me that I would be surprised with the team of experts at your Company. There were a few items that I thought you would not be able to repair but they came back to me fully functional.

It was a pleasure dealing with someone like yourself that understood the emotions and stress an individual goes through with this type of unfortunate event.