ISO 9001:2008

Why should you demand ISO Standards

TechAssist continues to invest heavily in establishing its processes and solutions to the highest standards demanded by ISO certification. Why? Because we don't just pay lip service to great service, a quality product, and continuous improvement- with ISO, we prove it. Every day.

ISO is a living and evolving standards mechanism that allows us to track every aspect of our production and service offering; from initial pickup through to after claim support.

Standards are key to ISO Quality. At TechAssist, each part of our processes is captured and analyzed constantly and measured against benchmark standards. Any deviance from this standard is also captured and further analyzed, and a new standard set to reduce the likely hood of a repeat occurrence.

ISO 9001-2008 Service Standard ensures compliance to production procedures, service level agreements, employee training, equipment maintenance & calibration, key performance indicators, sub-trade performance, health and safety, insurance & disaster planning, records management, information and privacy protocol, customer service and non conformance tracking & resolution, management review, research & development and best practices review.

All this is logged and is made available to independent third party ISO auditors to ensure full compliance to this quality standard.

Bottom-line: We are committed. And we prove it everyday.