Top Five reasons how we are raising the bar in disaster recovery.

24/7/365, our commercial division has the resources and can be deployed nationwide to mitigate and bring resolution to any situation. We have over 30 years of industry experience and expertise, utilizing qualified and certified technicians and engineers to ensure the decisions and steps we take are the right ones. Built for excellence and continuous improvement: TechAssist is the largest Technology Restoration Processing Facility in Canada. The only ISO 9001-2008 accreditation in this field - providing an infrastructure for continued improvement and excellence in quality & service each and every time. Our proprietary environmental chambers, hi-tech restoration processes, combined with the experience of our people, allow us to carry out the restoration faster, more efficiently, and with exacting standards.

When it all goes wrong, we make it right

Restoring order. Putting companies back to normal. Assisting Claims departments. It's what we do.

Disaster never takes a holiday. Neither do we. When disaster strikes, we strike back. Fast. 24x7x365. Anywhere. We have the knowledge to make the right decisions. We put our 30 years of experience and expertise to work, so your insured can get back to theirs. We don't only restore technology; we use it to power restoration.

The 3M Approach: Minimize business interruption. Mitigate disruption. Maximize customer satisfaction.

  • Latest Technology

    Powered by iCAT Technology, TechAssist provides transparency within a claim to all parties involved by sharing key information across the web which is updated in real time. iCAT is the number one reason insurance companies choose TechAssist to assist with their property claims time and time again.

  • Cost Savings

    Saving Insurance companies approximately 75% of their claims dollars. TechAssist's patent pending technology for wet washing and environmental drying allows TechAssist to clean more, clean it faster, and with exacting standards.

We make mission impossible possible.